My name is Bára. I love great pictures.

I love looking at them, thinking about them and making them so much – I made it my job.

I’m an independent Art Director for photography and Visual Editor based in Bratislava. I work with brands, publishers, magazines, studios, and agencies to handle creative direction for shooting editorials, advertising, or artwork. My main inspirations are my love for magazines and movie theory. Can’t picture your idea?  Reach out to me 👉🏻 📧

Buffet Clothing, Curaprox Slovakia, Forbes, HB Reavis, Hikemates, Nadácia VÚB, Nota bene, O2, Offseason, Pietro Filipi, UNICEF

Open the magazine. Look at it. Try not to touch it too much. Keep it clean. No food—tomatoes, hamburgers, and all kinds of pasta are evil. No open drinks. No flower pots. No pets — just plastic and fluffy ones. No open Sharpies. Don't ever open tomato paste next to a magazine. Wash your hands. Clean gloves are highly appreciated! My magazine collection is dear to me.

Bára Tabačková © 2023. The logo tags on this site are a creation from my dear friend and lettering master Dominik Fodora, and my he-does-not-know-it-but-he-is mentor and fellow magazine enthusiast Martin Žltý Jenča. Funny doodles were made by my little buddies Toby & Nina. Shout out also to their mother, Mirka, for leading their ideas.

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